Weight Gain in the Festive Season: Data & Tips

Weight Gain in the Festive Season: Data & Tips

I came across a study last week that really stuck a chord.

The study found that,

  • Most of the weight that people gain (50-90%) is gained in the 6 weeks from the end of November until the beginning January.
  • And most people do not lose the majority of weight that they gain.

In short, if you find your weight creeping up as you get older, it is often because of what happens in these coming 6 weeks.



I guess that’s hardly surprising.

I don’t live the most socially active lifestyle but even I have several meals out scheduled in the weeks ahead.

I am known to guzzle more than my share of panettone, stolen, mulled wine and more.

And my wife and I have enjoyed many a food-centric Christmas market trip!

Enjoying festive delights in Colmar, France.


Look, the last thing I want is for you to diet your way through the festive season.

That said, if weight is a concern for you – if you find your weight going in the wrong direction year-on-year – you’d be well-served to consider what these coming 6 weeks look like.


I have three top tips:

1. Steady on the snacking.


Often, it’s not so much the meals that are the problem; but the snacks.

You know what I’m talking about:

The boxes of Heroes and Celebrations that fill workplaces in the run-up to Christmas.

If we’re honest with ourselves, they’re not even that good!

We just habitually reach for a pick-me-up on these dark, rainy days.

Ask yourself if they are worth it for you.

What would it take to avoid or limit them and other mindless festive snacks?

(I worked with client who limited all Christmas food to a short period around Christmas and it worked a treat for her.)


2. Stay Active!


This is the big one.

Keep your body moving. Get your steps in. Keep to a workout schedule. Lift some weights. Keep the positive momentum going.

You’ll feel better, you’ll better manage your stress levels. And you’ll find yourself making better food choices too.


3. Avoid the F**k- it Mentality.


We’ve all been there…

It gets to the stage in which it feels like there’s no point in making an effort. We’ll just start with a clean slate come January.

The problem with that is… exactly where this email started.

On average most people don’t lose the majority of weight gained throughout the festive period.



You don’t need to live like a monk throughout these next 6 weeks.

But the data suggest you’ll be well-served to take at least some care around your health & fitness.

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