Class Timetable


The AKR class timetable is detailed below. We offer a convenient and flexible schedule for our clients via our custom app and booking system. Below is an indication of our schedule.

Personal Training

Our small-group PT sessions run at the following times:


0615, 0715, 0815, 0915, 1015.


Lunchtimes (Mon-Wed-Fri only)

1115, 1215.



1615, 1715, 1815, 1915.*



0915, 1015.



*No 1915 session on Fridays.

Class Timetable

In addition, our members have unlimited access to our class timetable:

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Our 30-Day Trial is your chance to experience our unique approach to fitness. You’ll get to know the people, the place and the programme before deciding whether or not you want to make a longer commitment.