Nutrition for Grown-ups: A Simple Guide.

Nutrition for Grown-ups: A Simple Guide.

The path to eating well, consistently.

Is not about the specific plan that you follow.

You don’t need some special system or set of rules.

You don’t need a list of foods to eat or to avoid.

When you’re eating well, it’s mostly because you’re organised.

Key Idea: Helpful nutrition is about being more pro-active and less reactive with your food choices.


Think about it…

When you’re disorganised,

When you miss meals,

When you get overly hungry,

When you’re grabbing whatever is available,

Your nutrition can be a mess.

You’re on the back foot, reacting to cravings and emotions, and it tends not to go well.


But when the weekly food shop is done,

When you have a rough idea of what you’re going to eat (and when),

When you have convenient options,

When you manage your hunger with regular, balanced meals,

You make better food choices.


If you want to eat a little better, don’t overcomplicate things.

Don’t fall for another diet – as tempting as they can be.

Just try to be a little more pro-active.

Put aside a little time to plan and get on the front foot.



Pro-active Nutrition Tips

Plan for 3-4 balanced meals p/day.

Roughly outline when you will eat.

Have an idea of what those meals could look like. (Look up some recipes if need be).

Come up with a fallback plan – some “emergency meals” that are quick and easy to throw together when you’re really tired / hungry / stressed.

Do the food shop.

Adjust based on your experience. e.g. If you find yourself craving snacks between breakfast and lunch, try having a bigger breakfast that will keep you satisfied for longer.

Practise flexibility over perfection.

And if you’re just getting started, don’t expect to “fix” everything at once. One meal at a time is good.


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