Get Beast Race Ready in 5 Steps

Get Beast Race Ready in 5 Steps

Beast race members

So you’ve taken the plunge and signed up for the Beast Race.

Or maybe you’re still on the fence. Feeling strangely tempted yet terrified

Here at AKR Fitness, we’re Beast Race veterans of sorts. 2022 will be our sixth consecutive event and we’ve had all sorts of shapes and sizes join #TeamAKR for the fun (yes, fun!) over the years.

We also know a thing or two when it comes to fitness, so let us be your guide when comes to getting Beast Race ready.

Beast race members

1. Run

While the obstacles might grab your attention, the running part is the place to begin for most people.

You don’t need to be able to run the entire 10k (or even 5k); many people walk in parts (particularly the uphill parts!).

However, you will have a far more positive experience if you build up your running prior to the event.

If you’re brand new to this, run-walk intervals are a good place to begin. It can be as simple as running until you need to rest. Then walking until you’re ready to run again.

Keep it on the light and easy side to begin with. (Over-doing things too early is a common mistake). As the weeks go by, aim to increase the running duration, running speed or number of intervals completed in each session.

Try to run at least twice a week (depending on what other exercise you’re doing – see below!)

Beast race members running

2. Build strength

Stronger runners tend to be better runners. And you also have those pesky / exciting / terrifying [delete as appropriate] obstacles to contend with.

You’ll be clambering, crawling, carrying and more, so it’ll help to strengthen up your body.

Again, it doesn’t need to be complicated. A couple of times a week of simple movement patterns: squatting, hinging, pulling and pushing is all you need.

If you’re new to strength training, a few sessions with a coach will help you nail down the basics. In the meantime, you can check out these videos for some simple instruction.


Beast Race Woman crosses the mud

3. Eat smart

You’ll see all shapes and sizes participating in – and completing! – the Beast Race. It’s certainly not an athletes-only environment and you do not need to fit any arbitrary definition of being “in shape”.

Now, that being said, if you are carrying a lot of excess weight, you can make the event easier – and probably more enjoyable – if you can be a little leaner come September 24th.

Even a few kilos (5-6lbs) can make a big difference when you consider the running involved (on undulating terrain) not to mention climbing over stuff!

Hopefully you’re beyond starving yourself with restrictive diets. There’s no need for that.

Just eat smart. Aim for 3-4 balanced meals per day. Go easy on the snacks. Tune into your body (particularly if you’re upping your exercise levels). And above all else, try to be proactive rather than reactive when it comes to your nutrition. i.e. Doing the food shop and having a bit of a plan (rather than winging it) makes a massive difference!

Participants in the mud run obstacle course

4. Team up

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

One of the best things about the Beast Race is the teamwork and togetherness. So rally the troups: Assemble your friends, persuade your family, gee-up your work colleagues. Form a team, a squad, a support group.

Better still join #TeamAKR and do it with us!

Because hard things become easier when you do them together.

Beast race teaming up

5. Re-frame your feelings

The time has passed. The work is done (hopefully). And race day is here.

It is totally normal to feel some fear, doubt and anxiety. That’s known as being a human being.

Few things are as scary as you imagine them to be, though, so try not to put yourself through any unnecessary suffering.

One great tip is to try to re-frame feelings of anxiety as feelings of excitement.

You’ve got this!

Participant completed the mud obstacle course

Get Beast Ready with Us!

At AKR Fitness, we’re running a 6-week “Beast Ready” training programme.

It includes outdoor Run Club workouts, special “Beast Ready” gym classes as well as access to our Small-Group Personal Training Sessions.

You’ll have loads of support including nutrition resources. Best of all you’ll have a group to train with and a team to participate with on the day where we’ll have an exclusive AKR marquee.

For all of the details visit AKRFitness.com/BeastReady

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