Aberdeen Gym Breathes New Life into Local Football Team

Aberdeen Gym Breathes New Life into Local Football Team

Aberdeen Gym Breathes New Life into Local Football Team

AKR Fitness sponsors CBC Hilton 2006’s age group with new kits and bespoke training sessions


Local company AKR Fitness has sponsored CBC Hilton’s 2006 age group team, providing them with new kits for the 2018/19 season.

The team were about to start their first 11 a side season sporting kits that were two years old. The pro-active sponsorship was welcomed by Kev Anderson, Club Secretary and Coach for the 2006’s.

Mr Anderson emphasised how keeping costs down for parents is crucial to making football accessible to all children: “With the current economic climate in Aberdeen it is very difficult to find any sort of sponsorship at the moment. Without any, it’s difficult to keep costs down for parents, making clubs more exclusive.”

As well as providing this season’s strip, AKR Fitness hosted two bespoke pre-season training sessions for the boys, led by Director Mike MacDonald.

Mr MacDonald was keen to explain how the sponsorship demonstrates his gym’s community-focused ethos: “AKR is built on a community atmosphere in which our members encourage and support each other in improving their fitness, regardless of where they might start their journey from. It brings me great pride to be able to extend that sense of community out beyond the gym itself and support the youngsters at Hilton CBC.”

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