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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the measurement conditions for body composition analysis?

Our InBody machine can provide a detailed picture of your body composition including body fat, muscle, visceral fat, metabolic rate and waist measurement and more.

InBody measurements should be done under the following conditions:

  • Test in the morning, if possible.
  • Do not exercise before testing.
  • Do not take a bath or shower immediately before testing.
  • Avoid the InBody measurement during menstruation.*
  • Do not eat or drink before the InBody measurement (2-4 hours fasted).
  • If you have MyZone, take a note of your belt ID.
  • Go to the bathroom before the InBody measurement.
  • Stand upright for about 5 minutes immediately prior to testing.
  • Wipe palms and soles of feet with InBody wipes.


*As physical changes during the menstrual cycle vary from person to person, its effect on body composition cannot be accurately predicted.  However, the biggest changes in body composition occur during the luteal and menstrual phases, and therefore it is best that females avoid the InBody measurement during these phases.

How long does a body comp measurement take?

It only takes around 5 minutes.

What happens in a 30-minute member review?

A 30-minute review is chance for you to chat with a coach about your health and fitness.  There is no set structure.  It’s simply about having a conversation about where you’re at and where you’re looking to be.